As a result of a BCGBA directive, all bowling is suspended until further notice (17 March 2020)

Fixtures 2020 (now suspended)

New for 2020 - Premier Division of ten teams and First Division of nine teams (no Divisional Cups)

Fixtures below are as published at the start of the season - All postponed fixtures and re-arranged dates are included in the weekly Newsletter in the 'News/Results/Tables' TAB

Note! Printed copies of the fixtures below were distributed to team captains / contacts at the March Delegates Meeting and they will be passed on to regular players as normal!

To view the fixtures, click on any of the two files below:

 Premier Division       First Division            

Note! Teams underlined in bold font to play twice in the week!


To print black and white copies, click on any of the two files below:

Premier Division B-W        First Division B-W