Centenary Cup 2021 - cancelled this season due to Covid Pandemic! 

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1. Cup match dates take preference over League matches (Rule 17)                                                       

2. At Week 5, some teams will have played fewer matches than others so their 'status' in determining their handicap will be based not on their divisional placing but on the average number of points gained to date. Teams drawn at home will be advised of the match handicaps over the weekend prior to the First Round. The initial team handicap is carried through the competition.

3. The top team in the Premier Division carries a handicap of 3 and then, in increments of 3, the handicaps are increased per team with the bottom team in the Second Division carrying a handicap of 66

4. Teams drawn away from home will have an extra 8 points added to their handicap (Rule 20)

5. Captains decide first use of four jacks by toss of a coin (Rule 21)                                                         

6. Cup games to be decided on aggregate only. In the event of a draw, the team with the greatest handicap (excluding the away allowance) shall be the winner (Rule 21)                                                

7. No player who has taken part in this years competition can play for another team and players appearing in the semi-finals and final must have played one League match for their team (Rules 22 and 23)                                                              

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