As a result of a BCGBA directive, all bowling is suspended until further notice                   (17 March 2020)

Bury Veterans League Fixtures 2019

Fixtures at the foot of this page, are provided by their Match Secretary, Richard Adams, and if you wish to contact Richard for any information on this local Monday / Wednesday afternoon mens league then please contact the Bury WBL by email using the light green Contact us tab in the Main Menu list to your left - or 'click' here >> 'Contact us' and we will pass your email on to Richard!

Note! Fixtures below are as published by the Bury and District Veterans Bowling League at the start of the season and any changes will be published separately, by Richard, to their League's delegates and captains!

In season, Click on the Results & Table file in the menu opposite for all current 2019 Results and Table

Fiinal 2018 Table

Team             Pld     Pts

Dobbies           30     228

Tottington A     30     227

Elton Lib          30    208

Openshaw        30    192

Seedfield          30    191

Black Lane A     30    186

Hoyles Park      30    175

Hopwood         30    173

Clarence          30    166

Buchanan        30    152

Nuttall Park      30   111

Stanley            30   108

Tottington B      30   107

Ainsworth         30   106

Close Park        30   101

Black Lane B     30     86



2019 Fixtures
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