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Presentation Evening

Friday 23rd Nov 2018 at Elton Lib – Tickets available at 11th Oct Delegates Meeting

The Bury, Tottington and District Workshops Bowling League, Bury WBL for short, is a long established crown green bowling league of twenty four mixed teams in Bury, Lancashire.

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For League membership, information queries or the email address / telephone number of any official or captain listed on this website then please contact the League by email using the light green   Contact us   tab in the Main Menu list to your upper left - or 'click' here >> 'Contact us'

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Last update: 

28th Sep 2018

Apart from the weekly in-season News, Results and Tables, see latest new content below.

28 Sep 2018

Bury Indoor Bowls Fixtures, etc, released

23 Sep 2018

Charlie Swaries Results listed in 'Comps' TAB

See note opposite re PRESENTATION EVENING

10 Sep 2018

Bury Vets Results for 5 Sep added and Charles Swaries Entry List + Times added (see Comps TAB)

03 Sep 2018

Week 21 Newsletter released for Bury WBL

27 Aug 2018

Week 20 Newsletter released for Bury WBL and Bury Vets Newsletter

20 Aug 2018

Week 19 Newsletter released for Bury WBL

13 Aug 2018

Bury Vets Results for 1st and 8th August (i.e. 2 weeks)

13 Aug 2018

Week 18 Newsletter released for Bury WBL

09 Aug 2018

Charles Swaries comp new date of Sat 15 Sep 18 - see 'Sigles/Pairs Comps' TAB

07 Aug 2018

Divisional Cup Draw + H'caps released

06 Aug 2018

Week 17 Newsletter released for Bury WBL

01 Aug 2018

Week 16 Newsletters released for Bury WBL and Bury Vets

7 May 2018

Week 4 Newsletter released for Bury WBL

30 Apr 2018

Week 3 Newsletters released for Bury WBL and Bury Vets

26 March 2018

Bury WBL and Bury Vets info fully up-dated for 2018 Season

09 March 2018

Web site partly up-dated for 2018 Season

30 Sep 2017

Bury Indoor Bowling League Fixtures published

25 Sep 2017

Charles Swaries Comp - Results

Bury Vets Cup Results and Final Tables

04 Sep 2017

Week 22 Newsletter released

Centenary Cup Finals Results

28 Aug 2017

Week 21 Newsletter released

See Results of Finals on 'Divisional Cup' Tab

21 Aug 2017

Week 20 Newsletter released

See full Final Results/Fixtures on 'Divisional Cup' Tab

Teams and Venues set for Div Cup Finals

Vets Lions Cup Draw added

07 Aug 2017

Week 18 Newsletter released

Harry Harper Comp - Results!

See full Results/Fixtures on 'Divisional Cup' Tab

17 Jul 2017

Week 15 Newsletter released

Harry Harper Comp - entry details added

29 May 2017

Week 8 Newsletter released incl re-arranged fixtures

Final call for Vice Presidents entries.

01 May 2017

Week 4 Newsletter released

17 Apr 2017

Week 2 Newsletter released

Bury Vets Resuls added!

13 Apr 2017

Bury Vets Resuls added!

10 Apr 2017

Week 1 Newsletter released

12 March 2017

Web site up-dated for 2017 Season